The Talk:

This one-hour presentation outlines the minimum accessibility requirements outlined in Australian Standard AS 1428.1 (2009), for stair and ramp compliance in Australian commercial buildings and apartment buildings. Additionally, best-practice recommendations will be discussed to provide safer movement of people through stairs and graded paths.

The Presenter:

Presented by Lee Wilson, a disability access consultant with Melbourne Access Audits. In early 2018 he was appointed as a volunteer Subject Matter Expert (Disability Access) by the Australian Building Codes Board. Lee has been actively campaigning for a universal design approach in buildings for several years and published numerous articles, a guidebook and a white paper on accessible egress concepts.

Workshop Content:

Topics discussed during the presentation will help:

  • Understand the different types of design options available on accessible paths of travel when moving between two levels, including walkways, kerb ramps, step ramps, threshold ramps, pool access ramps, 1:14 ramps and fire-isolated ramps
  • Understand the different types of stairs that can be used to move between floor levels (fire-isolated, exit, pool, and general use communication)
  • Identify slip-resistance rating requirements
  • Implement risk reduction and best-practice recommendations
  • Determine when an area of a building (including a stair) might be exempted
  • Identify luminance contrast requirements
  • Consider compliance options (i.e Performance Solutions and Deemed-to-Satisfy)

Case studies will be discussed and there will be 15 minutes for questions and open discussion at the end of the presentation.

Ideally, please complete the session Understanding the Basics of Access before attending this training. Or have a basic understanding of the building code and disability Premises Standards.

Who should attend?

This seminar is suitable for people of all backgrounds and professions. It is designed as an entry-level introduction to the concept of accessibility of stairs, ramps, and other graded accessways (pathways) in relation to buildings and premises.